Noun: A Person, Place or Thing

Note: I’ve made a discovery since the last (so I thought) blog post. Joe Price may have left a limited number of sermons in that black leather notebook, but he left many more lessons written on my heart. Even now, as evidenced in this entry, Joe finds a way to bring me comfort and understandingContinue reading “Noun: A Person, Place or Thing”

Just Your Average Joe

August 29, 2021 Joe thought of himself as pretty average. He was anything but. Joe could dress up in his finest and hob knob with the Rockefellers (and look mighty good doing it). He was equally as comfortable in overalls and work boots, stamping death dates onto tombstones, clearing debris from creek waters, or kickingContinue reading “Just Your Average Joe”

Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble

August 22, 2021 There’s a hard-headed, stubborn human in this picture. Care to guess which one? Truthfully, it’s both of us. But Joe was worse. 😂 For example…several years ago, Joe had a little health scare. He endured several rounds of testing before it was determined that he simply needed to have his gallbladder removed.Continue reading “Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble”