Coming Unglued

December 5, 2021 Coming Unglued.  I glued my mouth shut recently. Literally.  Before I get into that tale, you need to know three things about Joe.  He loved to pick on me about my age, he loved to get the “last laugh”, and because I always seemed to get myself in one fine mess orContinue reading “Coming Unglued”

The Time Has Come

September 5, 2021 One of my favorite lines in Joe’s obituary reads as follows: “Joe heard the call to ‘come home’, and as any gentleman does, he knew it was time to leave.” Joe Price was a gentleman through and through. It was one of his most endearing, and probably my most favorite quality aboutContinue reading “The Time Has Come”

Just Your Average Joe

August 29, 2021 Joe thought of himself as pretty average. He was anything but. Joe could dress up in his finest and hob knob with the Rockefellers (and look mighty good doing it). He was equally as comfortable in overalls and work boots, stamping death dates onto tombstones, clearing debris from creek waters, or kickingContinue reading “Just Your Average Joe”

Risky Business

August 15, 2021 Mama, if you read this…I’m sorry. When we were teenagers, I snuck out of the house to meet Joe. More than once. He’d wait for me on Carmack Rd, a dirt road close to my house. I’d jump in his truck and we would ride at least half a mile with theContinue reading “Risky Business”

You Missed Your Calling

August 8, 2021 Ronda to Joe: “Babe, you missed your calling.” {Spoken with true sincerity} Joe to Ronda: “Babe, you missed your calling.” {Spoken like a true smarty pants} Joe and I both had pretty clear callings in life. I was called to be a teacher. I love everything about school–the smell of books andContinue reading “You Missed Your Calling”

Do It Now

August 1, 2021 Do I love the two old fellas in this picture with all my heart? Yes. Do they both have a stubborn streak as wide as Chief’s rear end? Also yes. 😂 The quickest way to get Joe to NOT do something was to tell him to do it. I can’t tell youContinue reading “Do It Now”

Hurry Up and Wait

July 18, 2021 Joe was typically patient with me. And I was typically…well…let’s just say the man stored up treasures in Heaven during our marriage. 😜 HOWEVER…. There was one circumstance in which he expected something impossible of me and just could not be patient about it. It happened every time he put the dangContinue reading “Hurry Up and Wait”


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