When You Don’t Understand

“So Pretty,” he said. Joe smiled as he looked into Ronda’s eyes and whispered those words, gently brushing back the curl that fell in front of her face….AND THAT IS HOW THE ARGUMENT STARTED. 🙂 Not really…but those were fighting words at our house! You see, what started as a playful competition in which oneContinue reading “When You Don’t Understand”

Emotions Aren’t Always Right

Flounce: verb. A term used by Joe to describe Ronda’s tendency to react an emotionally intense manner (typically resulting in an apology from her once she calmed down) Unaffected: adj.: A term used by Ronda to describe Joe’s typical reaction to above mentioned flouncing (which only increased the tendency to flounce) News Flash! I mayContinue reading “Emotions Aren’t Always Right”

What Will Your Obituary Say?

When I saw the title of this week’s lesson, I had to laugh. I mean…seriously, Joe?? If you only knew of Joe as the (very handsome) gentleman working at Rouse Funeral Home, you might perceive him as reserved, soft spoken, sweet, but rather serious. While he was all of those things, he also had aContinue reading “What Will Your Obituary Say?”